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Sukhna lake

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We had a chance for a quick visit to Sukhna lake in Chandigarh.
Its a huge lake in one corner of the city.
The name itself suggests that the lake never dries (Sukh Na).
I guess it is one of the best lakes to visit since it has been beautiful developed.
You can easily spend an hour or two in evening.
Just at the entry gate their are different snacks stalls. Must is a mention about the cleanliness around these stalls which definitely motivates you to try some new dish here. The road at the entry gate has lots of trees with crowded with different flowers of varying shades.
A few snaps says the story better.

As I said, the evenings here are very beautiful and you can read different moods of nature. One such mood I managed to click.

The lake has many stair cases to sit and to approach the water and different birds welcoming you. Most sighted ones are the ducks who definitely make you wait for a minute or two.

The lake in itself is a wonderful site to watch. But few other deeds like a huge tree at the bank, water sports, a long stretch of path for walk and some old kind of structure adds to this beauty.

I also managed to catch a glimpse of proud Sikh culture in close contact with the nature. This is one of my favorites in the whole set.
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