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Its long time since my last post.
But I had a reason.
I was out of station. Bole to Chandigarh.
So in coming few days I will try to put down my few experiences during this travel.
To begin the story with, this time I took first class of the Rajdhani Express to go from Mumbai to Delhi.
My suggestion: Busy people should never take Rajdhani for any travel.

First of all it charges you heavily. At the same time, it takes time equivalent what a normal express train would take.
Once interesting thing is it helps you do more than one-fourth of bharat darshan in one go.
Yes, the train passes through many states. To name them, it begins with Maharashtra, Gujrat, Madhyapradesh, Rajesthan, Uttarpradesh/Uttarachal, Haryana and finally Delhi. (just as a proof, except for Gujrat, I have the welcoming sms from all different states.
Later on we also added Punjab to this list and just to mention we were hardly at a distance from Himachal Pradesh.

Except for the timing problem, travelling by Rajdhani could be a fun.
The interiors of the trains are fantastic. You are provided with unlimited stock of food and the food keeps coming to you before you could digest earlier taken menu.

So, if you have leisure time in hand and also have big appetite then
Welcome to Rajdhani
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