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Hotel Taj @ Chandigarh

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We visited Hotel Taj in Chandigarh.
At the reception we were welcomed by this tall, handsome Mr. Darban who motivated me to start clicking fotos from there itself. Although I was bit disapponted with the picture since this tall handsome turned to be a bit shy and couldn't give a great pose as I was expecting. This is best I could click.

The interior of Taj was as expected beautiful. Right through Ikebana to different wooden (I guess) art work and the light arrangements, every things was fantastic. I apologize for a bit blurred photos. My camera has picked up this bad habit to discourage me from taking photos in dim light. Trying to work out some solution.

One attractive feature in Taj was this heavy statue of horse kept at the center. Every body took one of their photo along with this horse. But I guess only the horse looks fantastic, so we don't appear in here.

Some more of interior worth noticing.

Another interesting feature was this innocent face, which I tried to catch many times, but failed every time. The kid was too quick to be trapped. Even his mother will agree to this.
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