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The Return Journey

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Evening before our return journey we planned to visit a famous hotel in I guess Sector 22.
The place is known more because of this hotel that belongs to a famous cricketer Kapil Dev.
Its called as "Elevens".

The interior is fantastic with all the walls depicting the history associated with this great legend. Also their is this place where few big cricketers who visited this place leave their a comments behind.

Next day morning we started from Chandigarh to Delhi. We reached Delhi early morning and had some time before we could catch our return train.
So we decided to make use of this opportunity to visit a near by place. The nearest place was India Gate.Although I had previously visited this place, but some how felt visiting the same again.
Early morning we reached at India Gate when people were playing cricket and doing exercise in the lawns near India Gate.
Since it was not crowded, we got chance to take some good snaps.
On the walls of India Gate you can find the names of all the soldiers who sacrificed their lives in different wars against enemies.
At India Gate you will also find "Amar Jawan Jyoti" that represents all the sacrificed soldiers.
The guard which you see in the photo was standing as a statue and did not moved even a bit for all the time we were there.

Since we had some more time and it was getting too hot, we decided to stay in India Gate's vicinity rather than moving to any other place. Another reason was that no other place was open in such early morning.
resting in shades near India gate, few birds and animals wished to meet us.
A squirrel moving around invited me to take some of its snaps. The best one is below.

A dog sitting in another corner also came attracted towards us. Seeing camera in my hand, he wanted me to shoot his portfolio. I couldn't deny his request and clocked him in different poses. Some of them posted here. If any director liked these photos, then he is invited to see complete portfolio and then may be we can talk about his role in a movie.

Soon it was time to catch the train.
Early morning next day I was again ready with my camera to click the rising sun.
This was taken some where near Surat and let me tell you this is one of the most wonderful sun rises I have witnessed.
I have seen such a su rise with a layer of fog on ground but this was the first I clicked such a moment.
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