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The Election day and I couldn't vote!!!!!

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Today I was all set to go sharp at 8.00 o'clock and cast my vote. Once I am done with my duty, I was free to do some personal work before I join my services back in the second half.
But things never happen the way we plan it.
For the first time, none of the political parties visited and campaigned in our society.
Secondly, no election commission member visited our society.
Then today morning on asking my neighbors, I found out that no body no where is the polling center for our ward.
So, I decided to find it out on my own.
Me and my father then visited a near by hall which was our polling center last time for Vidhan Sabha elections.
But this time it wasn't.
So we asked a commando patrolling there about various polling centers in the region.
We started from the nearest polling center.
Checked through all the list, but our name was not present there.
The fellow there suggested another center.
Same story repeated at second center.
This way we went through all the 4 polling centers to listen the same answer.
After nearly 2 hrs efforts, we gave up and finally decided to return home. Once back home, we tried collecting information from neighbors, if at all any body managed to vote.
But to our surprise, none of the resident of the society were successful.
I just wonder, how our election commission works. There is no synchronization, no proper management.
NO proper information was available.
Till yesterday I was even unaware who all the candidates contesting from our region and worse what region we belong to!!!!
I even wonder how even the political parties are sluggish and why did they avoided to campaign at our place.
One way it was good, since we were not troubled by unnecessary speeches/noises.
At the end of day, I failed to vote.
In a way it is good because I was not mentally prepared to vote to any body and just wanted to use my power of voting. So this way I found out a route to escape.
But I would like to ask the people of and Amir Khan and similar other fellows who insist us to cast vote, if there is any way we can sort out this problem of mismanagement?
Even though I am registered voter, carry voter ID, have all the details about my ward, my number in the list, but still can't find my name in the list, can I vote?
I think in addition to wake up people to go and cast vote, its time to wake up the people of election commission to make proper and minimum arrangements necessary for fair elections.

P.S: Just now somebody told on phone that there is a site which can tell you your polling booth. But he doesn't remember the name of the site.
I guess it is But it seem to be a bit tedious. In addition it also requires your Voter ID number that I do not have.
Any way I will try getting it. Still some time is left for voting. Hope for the best!!!

P.S: I found out my voting booth. Surprisingly I did visited that booth in the morning but couldn't find my name in the list. Anyways, better vote next time. By the way I could find out my polling booth through but what about those who have no access to internet? How can they find it out?
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