Monday, January 9, 2017

Nokia : Back in business of mobiles

Ka Jo
Nokia is a word almost another person who started using mobiles at least 10-12 years ago, must be knowing. Back then, there, I guess, was only one brand, NOKIA. Of course, there was BLACKBERRY. But it had an elite status. With the introduction of smartphones, the world was divided into two parts: Windows and Android. And once again Iphones were elite.
Nokia went ahead with Windows, apparently a wrong move. Android soon took charge of the mobile market. Windows engulped NOKIA and the name pretty much vanished from the market. It was insane to realize, that the name which introduced mobiles to the world has itself now largely vanished. People started making jokes the NOKIA phones, especially the 3310 model. It was termed indestructible and how it can go on to demolish the world itself or how it prevented a gate from getting destroyed in the world war II atomic bomb attack on the Nagasaki. ( read all the jokes here).
While all this was happening, there was a small lot of people ( including self), who were strong believers of NOKIA. Each one of the mobile, they bought was a product of NOKIA. Even in the days, when the world ran after android based smartphones, they religiously followed windows based NOKIA smartphones. If not as many as androind phone, they at least had one advantage. Their phone was literally indestructible. From personal experience, no matter how many times, how many ways, with what ever force, what ever angle, what ever height ( w.r.t human height), the mobile touches ground, it didn't break. In comparison, I have seen many many many Samsung, HTC mobiles, iphones etc. getting shattered in their first ever touch up to the ground.
It was a difficult decision to make for all NOKIA believers, how to go ahead with no NOKIA in future. Some  (consider self here) continued the legacy and went ahead with MICROSOFT phones ( well the name might have changed, but the soul is still the very old NOKIA). Some are still sticking to their very old, still indestructible NOKIA smart phones.

But, for all the NOKIA believers, the days of waiting are done. NOKIA is resurfacing. (ofcourse it made an earlier attempt with X series, but lets skip that discussion). Recently, they unveiled their first successful attempt based on android as NOKIA6. This phone is introduced in China and has specifications of as good as 16megapixel back camera and 8 megapixel front camera. With 4GB RAM and 64 GB internal storage capacity, with additional 128 GB extendable through card, it is definitely a good bargain. Not to forget, I still believe, this phone will be consistent with the legacy of indestructible phone too.
Only sad part is, it is introduced for the Chinese market only. And probably we will have to wait till they come up new models to be introduced to other markets including India. I can live with that. With hardly one year old Microsoft mobile in pocket, I need  a reason to wait. 
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