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New year resolutions - expextations and reality !

Ka Jo
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Here, we are in the new year once again. Lot of expectations suddenly build up in one night. The mind probably works in most positive manner during these couple of hours. In many cases, result of this positive thinking starts appearing immediately next day i.e. on January 01, when, many people are seen on roads, gyms, gardens trying out their first day of resolution. Well the expectation behind making a resolution, and expecting results is something like this:
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But it is a well known fact, that almost as much as 98% of these new year resolutions disappear with in a weeks time, or at the most in a fortnight. Today morning, I came across a blog post, where the authors has posted a list of things he would be doing "regularly" in this year. He has given a very detailed list. First thing, that crossed my mind was, would he even remember these many resolutions, first of all? Forget following them. I would wonder, if he completes even 10% of those resolutions. ( If he succeed in doing 10%, even that would be more than a normal person's total list of resolutions.)

From there, I started pondering on my last few hours thought process. If not actively, some where quietly, even my brain was making up some resolutions to follow. The reason behind this resolution making process, was some last minute success achieved just before new year was to arrive.  Well I also made few resolutions and was kind of backing up myself  to do great and even better than what I did last year. 
I had relatively relaxing new year beginning. One thing I achieved too early in the year is a necessary sleep, which I have been missing on for last couple of months. By the end of 2nd day of the year, I have been well slept, feeling fresh and ready to initiate my resolutions.
But, what we miss many a times, are some unexpected turns, which actually dwindle down our resolutions. Just when, I was feeling fresh and all rejuvenated, I received back to back mails, giving dates for few important meetings, which I attend every year. Surprisingly, all the dates have been preponed,  compelling me to make necessary changes in my still hardly initiated resolution plan. I had planned to socialize a bit more this year. I had decided that I will attend all the weddings, and all other family programmes, which I have been giving a skip over the years. Just now, on checking my calendar for next few months, I realized, my this wish is also going down the drain, as all the programmes, I wanted to attend, somehow fall on the same day, when I just can not miss my work.
The list goes on the same lines for some of my other resolutions.

It makes me think and realize, why most of the resolution plans just fail with in a week or fortnight.But instead of giving up on my resolutions, I am making a small change. Rather than making a yearly resolution list, I am dividing it with 52. I have decided to make weekly resolutions and keep a written track of it. Now that looks little easier to it
Now I don't have to worry for the year for a big list of resolutions to follow. I have only resolution to follow over the year:
                                    Follow weekly resolutions

Happy New year to all and good luck with following your resolutions.

P.S.: Writing regular posts on this blog is not a resolution, I made. Still such an early post this year.

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