Monday, January 16, 2017

I got specs!!

Ka Jo
Believe it or not, I got specs. That is a fact. Even, I am trying to digest this fact as yet. Not that, it is totally unexpected, but seems it is little too early. Abhi meri umra hi kya hai.
Last month, we had out annual check up session. During eye test, I actually did well. I read every thing written on screen, even in the minutest of the font. Then, I was shown a book, in which there were some numbers written in one color, masked under another color. I did well there too, expect for one page. Apparently, I have color blindness for blue and green colors. That is shocking. Those are surely not the colors, I get confused ever.  Anyway, I am not really worried about that, as they mentioned, it is genetic. So, out of my control.
Then, the doctors started looking into my eyes, literally. They showed me a picture of  a house and a road coming towards me from the house. The doctor did some reading and then told me, I got number. I was a bit confused, I read every thing fine. I have no head ache or any other symptoms she asked. Then, she mentioned, I have farsightedness, and with eye muscles still powerful, I am managing to see fine, even with out specs.
I really did not understand much at that time. I was still struggling to accept, I got number.
Spent few days in adjusting to this new fact. Then, one fine day, with little push from people around, finally went to get glasses for myself.
Went through the ordeal of selecting a frame, then kind of lens, about which I have no idea, what to look for, finally got glasses in hand, sorry on eyes, two days.
Now, there is a confusion again. The doctor said, use glasses, when doing some work, where concentration is required. The specs making said, use glasses continuously. That has put me in dilemma. And in this dilemma, I took two days, to actually start using it. This post I am writing with glasses on my eyes.
So, today morning, I actually decided to know, what exactly this number means, which doctor gave me. I got +0.75 number. What does it mean.
Tried going through few articles, explaining it. But nothing really helped, until, I landed on this page:
 Now, its an answer to a question quite similar to what I had in mind. The person has tried to explain in some simple language, what this number means.
So, what I understand is, this number +0.75, means longsightedness. Normal eye lense's focal length is fixed. If you want to see closer, the muscles control the lens such that the it adjusts eyes to see closer things. This is called accommodation. For long distance, it doesn't need to adjust.
In my case, that is, with number +0.75, the focal length is set little bit farther than normal eyes focal length. This would make my eye muscles do extra work to accommodate to view closer things. As doctor mentioned, at present, the  muscles are strong and so I can easily manage it and doesn't realize, I got number. But with time, this muscle strength would fade down. And if that time, I try to get specs, the number would be much higher. So, its better to start using specs now itself, so that the muscles won't get unnecessarily exhausted at early stage.

This has convinced me to accept  the new fact, and I would be regularly using specs here onwards.

Ka Jo / Author & Editor

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