Friday, July 22, 2016

Madhya Pradesh Tourism Advertisements - always the best

Ka Jo
Very recently, different states of India have started advertising about their tourism opportunities. Under the domain of Incredible India, every state is highlighting their best features and attempting to attract the tourists to visit different destinations in their respective states. Since I remember, Madhya  Pradesh started this trend very early, while all other states even don't had a faint idea on how to grow tourism industry. Not only did MP took a lead in advertising their tourism opportunities, they did it in style. Their advertisements have been the most artisitic, colorful, innovative and attention grabbing ones in the lot. It caught my attention for the first time, when they came up with this shadow based advertisement. Each one of us have at some point of the time tried making images with different hand gestures (thanks to night time power cuts in India). Such a innovative use of that concept, immediately caught my attention. I just couldn't ignore this advertisement, anytime it appeared on TV.

Next attempt was even more wonderful. Infact, I should say, more colorful. The theme here was the color. How foreigners get attracted towards the colorful Holi festival. The use of slow motion has been made in an awesome fashion.The way, people are looking at the color, which is about to hit, make you take a gasp. During this slow motion, the wonderful use of color in bringing up  different structures like Sanchi Stupa, or the image of Mahakal, actually makes you concentrate on that structure. And then sudden change to normal motion speed, makes you virtually experience, how that color might fall on you. I wonder, if a 3D version of this advertisement was ever made. It would be really awesome. 

Recently, they came up with this new advertisement, which tries to signify the handicraft legacy of the state. Similar to shadow practice advertisement , this commercial also highlights all the famous tourism spots of the state, but with the help of wooden toys. The theme of this ad is "MP mein dil hua Bachhe sa". Well, I have spent my childhood in MP, so definitely, this ad connects with me at different level. 

While the theme takes up major points, the background music, lyrics and the voice given to the songs add more flavor to the commercial. They complete the package, and make you feel to visit those fantastic places as soon as possible.
So, what are you waiting for?

Video courtesy: MP Tourism

Ka Jo / Author & Editor

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