Thursday, July 7, 2016

Bajaj Avenger - Feel Like God - Rat Race Advertisement

Ka Jo
Now, here is a commercial, which pretty much defines us, who are spending every day working hard to achieve something. You are either working hard to be the employee of the month, or the employee of the year. Or may be you are trying to get those extra increments by diverting your personal and family time towards works. Or may be, in some cases, you are thriving hard to get that posh corner office with scenic outside beauty, which you probably won't even bother to check, once you shift in that office. Some or other way, every one is trying to get somewhere. And all this, most of the times, we end up being in a competition, which is hard to avoid. This race reaches a point of competitive nature, where we shut down all the other windows of mind and narrow it down, focusing on achieving the target, while defeating all the competitors. This phase of mind can be compared with the tiny mind of a rat, whose sole purpose is to reach upto the piece of cheese, before any other rat can grab it. And that starts this rat race.. 
Bajaj Avenger has always come up with some fantastic ads. This one is a new addition, trying to suggest people to free their mind out of this rat race and enjoy life. There is a lot more to do in life, then just thinking about some material gains.
It is a very beautifully made commercial, shot some where in Nevada. Interesting thing is, there is no computer graphics used in this advertisement. All the rats shown are real and infact well trained. I did not know rats can be trained to such a great extent. If I know, how, I will try it on many many rats I see around in my locality. A detailed information about, how this ad is made can be found at this link -

And you can watch this advertisement, here:

So, without wasting any more time (in work) get on you Bajaj Avenger, feel like God, and do things, wander around in this awesome monsoon season. 

Video Courtesy: ET Brand equity youtube channel

Ka Jo / Author & Editor

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