Monday, July 4, 2016

Independence Day: Resurgence, movie review

Ka Jo
Watched Independence day: Resurgence last week end. It was different experience, as there were hardly 15 people in a hall with the capacity of around 300. It was also not difficult to also realize that, probably the 15 people who came to watch the movie, were in a age group, who watched the first part Independence day, way back in 1996, probably as the young generation back then. I wanted to watch a  movie, and definitely, not Udata Punjab, so, we tossed between this movie and Finding Dory. The timing of this movie kind of matched, and so we finally opted for this movie. 
 The movie started on a good note, introducing us once again to the futuristic world, portraying the World as one unit, with advance technologies to save us from any new alien attack. Surprisingly, I still can not find Indians in such movies. That too, when a concept of World with out Indians, is like reducing it by 1/7 ratio. Anyway, a change in here, we have Madam President this time, kind of suggesting US having Hillary Clinton as next president. The character played by Sela Wards reflects similar features as Hillary Clinton. Now, with so many disaster movies, it was little confusing. For some time we were confused that she played a role of Doctor in earlier movie. But later realized, she acted as Dr. Hall in "The Day after Tomorrow"- another disaster movie. Funny thing is, the kind of story line of the role, she played in The Day after Tomorrow, a Doctor, who stays behind to take care of her patient, was picked up in this movie. But this time, it was played by the Vivica A Fox, the character name Jasmine Dubrow-Hiller, the widow of the late Hero character played by Will Smith and mother of present movie Hero, Dylan. Back then, she was a dancer, but, here, she becomes a Hospital administrator.  I wonder, if such kind of career changes are really possible, because, I am myself thinking to have one. 

The movie was over all fine in the first half, where lots of new things were getting introduced, with many romantic tracks running, some past year issues between the heroes, the head quarter on Moon and Mars and what not. There is a big use of computer graphic simulations, which at times looks really interesting. Unfortunately, we have kind of visited most of these type of graphics in many movies by now. 
The second half is pretty much disappointing. Here, the movie, fall back on the same story line, shown 20 years back. In fact, it is very much predictable. We kind of just got through the second half to make it put of the hall. I had so many questions in mind after the movie ended. But, unlike earlier cases, I don't want to know the answer to those questions. They are just questions.
What kind of President is this, who only work in the movie is to deliver some senseless commands to attack. It really never occur, that the president is going through some thought process, before taking the decision.
Why is it always kind of queen centered story, where every thing relies on killing the queen. Does the said queen never think of any action plans, in case it gets killed.
There are many more questions, but really, they don't need any answer.
The movie hints at going for one more sequel, but I am not sure, anybody would really want to watch that part.
Off late, such disaste movies are themselves becoming disaster. We now need some really new concept to get hitched to such kind of movies. The days of attracting people with awesome computer graphic simulations is over. The story lines have also digged to all the known possible depths. Can some body taken us on some really new ride?

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