Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Thunder at Essel World

Ka Jo
One of the rides, that can make your head spin, even by mere watching it, is "Thunder"  or "Thunder Bolt" as every body around me was mentioning its name. This ride has many facets:
First of all its sitting arrangement. Its designed such that you will experience both free falling with your face down or looking up towards the sky.
Initially, you just feel that it will move like a pendulum. But then at one point, it crosses the point of maximum height and take you to the other side of the circle.
Worst part is, there is no pattern, you can recognize. At every moment, you keep wondering, whether,you are going fell down on your face and other way. 
Those two minutes may feel like an unending procession. And only relief you get is when the ride is over. 
In the end, most of the people keep wondering why the hell did I decide to go on this ride. But then there are few, who return to the ride for second round and make you feel, "Really!!"

Ka Jo / Author & Editor

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