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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Pepperfry.com - Happy furniture to you

Pepperfry has come up with a new set of ads recently. Each one of them has a kind of different tagline. But each of these ads point in the direction where they are suggesting to take services from Pepperfry.com to avoid inconvenience caused while getting furniture done at home and by ourselves. So, three different scenarios have been painted. Among the three, I really liked and enjoyed the ad which concentrates on the allowing a noiseless family conversation. The way this ad is taken, doesn't give a clue till the end. A mother and son are having a conversation, where the words are not real words, but different type of noises. Then, at one point, we realize, their words are getting masked behind the noise created during home made furniture attempt. The ad is wonderfully taken and really makes  you smile at the end. The title of the ad is also apt,  Issued in the interest of Family conversation.

There are two other ads with title of Don't compromise and Stop Suffering, where others problems, which come up with home made furniture attempts are highlighted. These two ads are also interesting, but, I feel the first ad takes the cake here. What do you think?

Don't compromise

Stop Suffering

Video courtesy: https://www.youtube.com/user/Pepperfrytv

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