Tuesday, June 14, 2016

OLX Mundi Dance - Attention grabbing ad

Ka Jo
People at OLX always come up with some very weird idea to grab attention of people. The ad may not make much sense, but, it does the task very well - of imbibing their product in people's mind. Till recently, OLX was a new thing around the corner. Slowly, it started making its mark with some catchy phrases like "OLX pe bech dal". In all this time, one thing very common with OLX was their ad concept. It always have been little "Hat ke", often weird, but good enough to convey their message.
This time again OLX has come up with this weird idea. If we look at the concept of the ad, it is actually a simple conversation between father and son in presence of rest of the family members, where the son is asking father to give some extra money to buy sports bike. Father as usual denies the request. At this point, the boys sister comes to rescue, suggesting him to sell all the old unnecessary items at home to raise money for his sports bike.
Now, to this otherwise very simple story line, one odd parameter is added, where every member in the ad is conversing with their neck wobbling on the tune of the music. That's it. 
Initially, people don't realize what is happening in the ad. So, they watch it again, and again. Over the time, people start even wobbling their neck along with the ad. And while all this is happening, the message of  OLX has just not reached, but pretty much imbibed on the people's mind.
This is one really interesting ad, where I am personally checking, who among all the members is doing the task best. According to me, the father, son and the buyer are wobbling their neck very well, whereas, the mother and daughter actually fail to do so.
What do you think about it. Check it.

Ka Jo / Author & Editor

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