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Recently, I watched another movie. Immediately, after watching Katyar Kaljat Ghusli. The decision to watch this movie was instinctive. Since, I had seen a Katyar Kaljat Ghusli after a long gap, Somewhere, I felt like giving a try to another movie. And, I thought, which other movie I can opt than a bond movie.
Frankly speaking, while, Pierce Brosnan was playing Bond, I used to feel, what bullshit movie are these. I just couldn't digest the idea of a person trying to sail over a wave made out of a breaking glacier with the help of a parachute, out of a racing car, and then even landing safely on the other side.  It was an overdose for me. I even equaled bond movies to a crazy movie like "Shoot 'Em up".
But then came, Daniel Craig as a new bond in Casino Royal. He brought some realistic sense to the bond movies, although, that goes against the normal expectation from the figure of a bond. Just in first 15 minutes in Casino Royal, and I confirmed, Daniel Craig is the best bond, I have witnessed. But that was it. While bringing the image of Bond closer to the reality, somehow, whole notion of an awesome spy, who could charm anybody by his skills and looks, and get the work done, just vanished.
This Bond became more vulnerable. Physically, mentally as well as emotionally.
Then came his next segment "Skyfall". I missed it for some reasons, I ccan not remember now. When I watched it later on, I got disconnected with the Bond movie. I thought, its over. The aura of Bond movies is gone.
Somehow, probably, I don't wanted to believe it and so instinctively, I went to watch Spectre. Now, I feel, I could have saved some money. The movie really disappointed me. The physical strength of Daniel Craig, which got connected to the image of Bond, is not visible here. The first 15 minutes of the movie, are disappointing. It is nowhere near the 15 minutes of Casino Royale. It also confirmed that this bond has become less smart and end up taking hasty decision. The way, he wasted an awesome car was painful. Earlier Bonds did not need to be introduced to the features of car, they knew it some how. This Bond is praying, let there be any helpful feature in the car.
The story is interesting. In context with present scenario, a competition between drone and spy, is something new to watch, rather than same old story of a terrorist group trying to take hold of a nuclear bomb, or a plant.
Work is, it was fine. It is good to Monica Bellucci in the Bond movie.
Music is disappointing. The famous Bond music is used very rarely, very subtle, so much that we just don't realize it.
Initial credit score music piece is not at all impressive.
All in all, a disappointing movie. I could have and should have for the movie to be released on TV. 
I should have preferred Hunger Games, a new series, that I found really exciting.

But anyway. If you haven't watched the movie yet, save your money.

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