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Restaurent review: Indigo Deli, R city mall, Ghatkopar, Mumbai

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 Recently, we visited a very nice place to dine out in Mumbai. We wanted to try some real good Italian food. Italian, because, it provide many vegetarian options and it used to be our surviving kit, during our stay in Europe. So, with few recommendations, we decided to visit the Indigo Deli, located in the R city mall in Ghatkopar, Mumbai.
Indigo Deli -Interior (Photo courtesy -
Indigo Deli -Interior (Photo courtesy -
One of the most interesting aspect of European restaurants is their interior. It takes you to a different zone. Especially, those little old restaurants, with some associated legacy. It may be a sports bar, or a cafe, the interiors are awesome. Little darkish, with only available lights in the  shades of yellow, mostly dim. At other times, may be we won't appreciate such a light arrangement, but for those, who at some point of time got acquainted to European's day to day ways of living, would slowly get used to it and start appreciating it over the time.
Similar experience, you can get at Indigo Deli. With little odd ceiling, usual dim light, hand written menu on a black board  in a corner, this place assures a unique ambience, which is relaxing.
The sitting arrangement is also fabulous. You can either have a regular Table-chair arrangement, or there are kind of coupes to sit for a group of around 5-6 people. The coupes also give kind of privacy, if that is what one is looking.  From the major part of the restaurant, people get a view of the chef's place. This could be interesting to see, if a special dish is in preparation. Although, I  didn't get to see any such show.
Coming to the delicacies, the place offers a huge variety to vegetarian as well as non-vegaterians plus a spectrum of drinks.It was really difficult to put to order, because, there were so many things to try and we really didn't wanted to miss any. The server was real patient and gave us enough time to converge to a few dishes. So, finally we ordered a seriously garlic bread, along with soup.
In between, I ordered one of the dishes, I have been longing to eat for some time. It was Cheese Fondue. It was a mix of 3 types of cheese. The taste was little different from the Swiss Fondue, I have tasted earlier. But, the dish did its work. We wanted to spend some quality time chatting, and that's what, cheese fondue helped us to do. It is not a dish, which requires all your attention. You can eat one cheese enveloped bread, enjoy the taste and can chat side by side, with out any big breaks.
Once, done with Cheese fondue, we shifted our attention towards the next dish, Cannelloni of creamed spinach, corn and philly cheese. Now, this is a filling dish, oozing different tastes in mouth in every bite.One dish has 3 rolls, and by the time, you reach the last roll, you realize, it is difficult to go that last mile. But, you don't leave it unfinished and somehow cross the line.
All this you get to experience at Indigo Deli. To add to the experience, while walking out, you can not ignore a glance at different products on retail counter. And the glance does its work. You will no doubt end up buying either the baguette or dough nut or some of the interesting bakery items presented well on the counter.
The only thing which might not be in the favor of the restaurant, is its location. It is located in the mall in such an isolated area, that, you will surely miss, if you are not specifically looking for Indigo Deli. Even, the direction boards to the restaurant are not easily visible. One reason behind such an isolated location, might be to avoid unnecessary crowd of the mall, walking next to the restaurant. But, that thinking is way to much to provide an isolated place.

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