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The most awaited movie of the year is here now.
Dhoom-3 released on  20th of December.
People had lots of expectations from this movie for many reasons.
Dhoom series is one of the first, to begin the trend of successful series. It is more famous because of the villain characters rather than the hero Abhishek Bachhan. While John Abraham set the foundations in the first movie, Hrithik Roshan made it large in the second movie of the series. Keeping in line with the newest and best presentation for villains, the third movie in the series included none other than Aamir Khan. It can't get better than this.
Aamir is known for his perfection to the finest details. He creates an expectation even if he is working in a 30 second commercial. So, it is justified that the movie hype would increase multiple times if he is playing a villain's role.
Another interesting character is Katrina Kaif. She would take care of glamour part of the movie. Even here, the series has tried to improvise. Going from Isha Deol in first movie directly to Aishwarya Rai in the second was a big jump. The series needed some one to fill in those shoes. I guess Katrina Kaif would do justice. Not every one would expect her to actually act in the movie, because there hardly will be anything to act for her. The movie is all about bikes, chases and speed. So, probably Katrina Kaif just have to look good and dance around. There might be some emotional touch to her character, but seriously nobody cares.

I wouldn't say anything about Abhishek Bachhan. I don't expect anything from him.Except for movie Yuva, he hasn't really impressed me as an actor.

The weakest link and the one that makes this movie series look bad is Udya Chopra. In spite the case that it is their home production, he should have been cut loose.

Early reviews from the viewers apparently are not that great. Many complaints came:
The movie is a copy of "so and so Hollywood movie".
The action sequence are repetitive. No newness.
It is just a run chase movie. No details of Bank robbery given. Something not expected from Aamir Khan.
Some commented that why Indian Police were called for bank robbery in Chicago. Are they worse than us?
One comment on the movie review on Times of India made me really laugh. I will copy paste a part of it here.
" I thought the target audience for this film are the people who were in deep cryogenic sleep for over a century and never seen a motion picture."

After all reading all this, I am thinking to wait a little  long before I may think of watching the movie. If you have watched it or surely planning  to watch, then do write here, your views about the movie. Lets see, our expectations were right or the reality is different.
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