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Finally a good thing is happening. Arvind Kejriwal will be sworn in as the Chief Minister of Delhi on Saturday. This event is going to make lots of changes. What meaning this development has?
This goes on to prove a point that if a bunch of clean figured person come together and decide they want to change the system, and they take proper steps, the outcome is surely positive. With in a span of 2-3 years, a person rise from an unknown personality directly to the Chief Minister position, is a miracle that doesn't take place every day. This reminds me of  the movie "Nayak" of Anil Kapoor where he becomes the CM of a state just for one day. Of course such events of bringing an unknown personality to limelight do have happened earlier like in case of our PMs ChandraShekhar, I.S Gujral, Devegowda etc. Most of the time these positions were governed by none other than Congress party. Those ministers pretty much just filled the PM position. Congress kept all the chords in their hands and when they wanted they cut it loose. 
Even now, AAP party is making government with the backing of Congress. But the difference is this time Congress can not control it. AAP will work in its way and there won't be much in the hands of Congress.  It will try to spend some time because they know this is not a good time for Congress. But I do expect that this Government probably won't see year 2015. With in a period of 1 year, this government will go down the drain and we may expect elections soon.
Now, its AAP's duty to keep this in mind and make the best use of available time. Do some real work so that people will believe that there is a better way of doing  politics. They should keep in mind that they just have few months to prove themselves. 
Congress on the other hand has fall prey to its own tactics. I wonder why they needed to give support to AAP. By doing this, they are digging their grave. On one side now they can not withdraw their support with out any strong reason. At least for some time. In the mean time, AAP will go on showing how bad governance was given by Congress. No wonder the party workers are unhappy with their core committee's decision of giving support and we saw some violent attack on their party head quarter itself by their own workers. Congress seem to have lost its sense wondering  which way to go to make a better situation themselves. As said, pretty sure they will withdraw support in few months and try for new elections. But this time it may not work in their favor. 
Year 2014 is bringing lots of interesting changes along with it. If not for other reasons, changing politics in India is surely a reason to welcome new year
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