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AAP - changing the face of politics

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One good thing has happened in Indian politics, origin and success of a new party called "Aam Aadmi Party", in short, "AAP", a word which otherwise in Hindi is used to say " You" with respect.
AAP has done a fantastic job of shaking the usual way of doing politics in India. I was really wondered when AAP received such a huge success in Delhi elections. I did expected it to do well, to outperform congress, but I did not expected, it will change the whole scenario in its first ever attempt. More over the way Arvind Kejriwal defeated 3 times chief minister Shiela Dixit, by an appreciable margin says a lot about the need of change people are looking for in politics.
What impressed me more  is the way AAP is trying to carry itself even after elections. The way they took a stern stand not to hurry in to get power and instead preferring to sit in opposition says a lot. It will surely prevail some sense of conduct among other political parties too.
I hope AAP does not change its route in course of time and actually rises up on idealistic way of doing politics. Though it seems difficult. Arvind Kejriwal may not deviate from his path, but can we say the same about all the followers when the party starts spreading its wings. Will the party keep working with its idealistic views or will it change over the time. Time has all the answers.
Till then, lets be happy that for a change something good has happened in Indian politics and wish it to grow as good as possible.
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