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So, we had a situation here today night. After a break of 2 days at weekend, everybody was lazy to cook and was looking at each other with ray of hope that somebody will take initiative. After many attempts of pushing ball in each others court, finally I guess Vijay lost the interest in the game and decided to make this memorable Khichadi. Now, if you are thinking that Khichadi was something out of the world and in next few lines I am going to give you tips on how to make this khichadi, then you are wrong. The khichadi was no doubt good, but a regular one of Vijay's one of specialties.
What made me write this post are the activities we had to take up after the khichadi was ready to eat.Because of our involvement in the game I discussed above, it was around 10.30 by the time Khichadi was ready. With our empty stomachs and empty plates we gathered around the pressure cooker and were awaiting the moment when it will be opened.But we were compelled to take an unexpected break when Vijay helplessly declared that the cooker is not opening. We all initially tried making fun of him saying empty stomach has made him crazy. But soon realized that he was right. We tried all simple tricks known to each of us but in vain. Then we tried different techniques which came in our scientific minds, but again with no result. Finally Vijay and Sreekanth seriously tried opening the lid the way you can see in this video.

I could record only one minute of their sincere efforts which in the end turn positive. Finally the lid opened and we had a glance at khichadi. That was I guess one of the moment memorable moment. Check for yourself.
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