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Its time for Ciesta

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After three days holiday everybody is back to work? Well not sure if they are really back to work, but at least to the working place. Actually not all people could make it to office today. There is some kind of strike with bus. Only option left then is personal vehicle or another route via train (RER) and then climbing the mountain.
So, those who possess cars are here and some others, like me who either were not aware of this strike or those used to climbing hill again like me (I fall in both categories) are here.
Its a sunny day.
Sun makes Europeans cheerful, it being a rare view here.
And if they have good food for lunch then they are very happy.
A good lunch and then a lazy walk to the nearby lake take up most of the working hours.
Now this sun has a charismatic effect.
It slowly starts making the screen in front of you go blur as you start reading a scientific article on it.
Very soon you realize that you are trying to read the same line for last fifteen minutes. Few minutes later even this sense starts fading out and you start struggling to concentrate on screen.
Its then more sensible to accept that you fall for ciesta and enjoy those few minutes of quick nap. And if at such a moment sunlight is directly falling at you, you are the luckiest person.
I did not realized when I fall for it and lost my conscious.
Then something strikes in mind and I felt not following the ethics of work place.
With too much efforts I come out of that charm.
My colleague sitting table next advices in his Frenchish English to continue it making me realize it is a holy act.
This was a very favorable situation and I did not tried to argue on the issue.
Both of us sink into the holy Ciesta.
20 minutes later, with a fresh mind and a cup of hot tea, now I am ready to post this on my many days untouched blog.
Enjoy the Sun when its cool.
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