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Dawn Brancheau
Do you know this name? NO!!
Well till few minutes back, even I wasn't aware.
These two news piece introduced it to me, but I guess its very late. You may follow the links to know why.




Yes the story is very sad. But I want to point out one thing here. No matter what you do, you can never understand animal nature. You may be Dawn Brancheau or Steve Irwin, you can't get them. Do not try to mold them as per you wish and need. They are animals and that is how they live. Stay away, let them live and live yourself.

So, just stop interfering their lives under the name of animal love, study, science, care, protection and yes money and business. They don't need our any kind of help.
Let them live their life and let nature decide their fate. Doesn't matter if tigers vanish after few years but let nature decide it. Doesn't matter if Dolphins become a rare species. You don't kill it.

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