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A quick post!!

I see the signs of hurricane coming our way!!

Its name is buzz!!

Think you heard about it. must be.
Now, you see a word buzz just below inbox in gmail.
That is some new addition to gmail.
I am not sure how useful it is.
Was trying to explore it with Dr. P.
Well, haven't come across any benefits yet except that it has given me a new way to advertise me.
I have started with my blog link.

Let me think of some more ways to make use of it, till then guys

Keep buzzing!!!

Update: Buzz would add lots and lots of emails to your inbox. I mean it updates Buzz, but it also sends you an email!!
If 20 people buzz you that adds 20 new mails to your inbox!!And most of them wouldn't be serious work. I might not like it. But I am also wondering if I will receive one mail sent for each comment for each buzz or only one mail for say one buzz irrespective of how many people commented for that one buzz!!!
Confusing you!!
Quite possible since even I am myself confused.
So, lets buzz and get confused!!
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