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Recently I saw Delhi-6.
Yes I know its too late to speak about this movie.
After the early reviews by newspaper as well as by people around, I gave up the plan to spend money on this movie.
But at the same time I was curious and wanted to see the movie.
My wish is fulfilled. Recently from somewhere the movie itself reached my door steps.
So one day I planned to devote (spend !, waste!!) some time for it.

Without going into much details on the story of the movie, a general impression I made out of the movie.
Well I didn't enjoyed the movie. I just managed to be through whole of the movie.
First of all I feel you don't become an NRI by just changing your accent or by saying “Cool” or some similar prototype word every now and then. I guess Shahrukh was more closer to word NRI in Swades than the Abhishek in Delhi-6.
Second and the worst part is it does not give any sound reason for a person to leave his leisurely life in New York and come and stay in India and that too Delhi-6!!
Of course it showed that India has different facilities like Serving Paan at the arrival on air port, arranging for few people around whole making pickles and dancing at the top of the house.
Yes may be there were many people around the old lady Vahida when she suddenly went unconscious, but wasn't that just because she had recently arrived after a long absence? What would have happened if she was admitted to the hospital for long say 6 months or more? Would you have find all those faces with same feeling about her even after 6 months?
Definetely not!!! that does not happen in India too!!!.
here we forget yesterdays tragedies like bom blast, floods etc and go our way immediately the next day under the name of fight against terrorism etc. The real fact is we are equally selfish and just go to office just because you have (must) follow few dead lines at office or you might get fired or might not get good increments.
Anyways, One more thing that I realized was, the characters get lost in the story. Their presence was not continuous. Rishi Kapoor first appeared serving Pan to Old lady and then after few takes totally disappeared. Same was the case with Sonam Kapoor. After that Masakali song I guess, I totally forgot that she was a part of the movie. Similar were the cases with other characters but less significant.
I wondered what must have made Abhishek to stay back in India? Was it Sonam Kappor that made him stick to this place? Not a single of her qualities were revealed which would make her look so affectionate that some body would leave his luxurious life and live in the mess of Delhi-6.
Was there any other reason you could find to keep the handsome in Delhi-6? Kindly let me know.
I was surprised on one of Sonam's dialogue towards the end where she wondered if he would express his love towards her. Infact she should have been surprised that any NRI would fell for her irrespective how not great her personality is?
One big surprise is how Abhishek managed to arrange for the Kala Bander's dress in place where is no space for privacy?
The list might go too long, but I guess these many reasons are enough to suggest anybody, do not waste your time on this time.
Just to say something positive about the movie, would just appreciate the way they showed how even a small reason could be used to convert into a communal riot. Just out of nothing when the baba declares that there was a temple at the place of a mosque few years back, story takes a different route and whole atmosphere changes there. That was good.
So all NRIs, if you are looking for a Pan at the airport, or if wish to make pickles on the terrace with neighbours while singling and dancing and do some similar funny things, you are welcome to Delhi-6!!!!
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