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There is a link http://www.nationalelectionwatch.org that was promoted in view that it details all the records of the candidates in elections. Amir Khan is one of the big name connected to this link.
May be I understood the related advertisements wrong. The page I guessed was supposed to highlight the criminal records of all the candidates in the present election. Atleast that was the picture I made in my mind.
I tried checking this page and was disappointed. Contrary to what image I had, the page just gives the information of the MPs elected in 2004 election and some details about them.
On their Home page they say:
The purpose of this site is several fold:
Give information on the elected representatives – everything that they give in their affidavits.
Give information about a constituency – various human development index parameters.
Give a chance to the general public to give comments on work done by their elected representatives.
Rate various representatives based on peoples’ comments and improvement shown in their constituency during their tenure, etc.
Feed this feedback back to your elected representative, so that he has a chance to work on the feedback received from his constituency.
Now I do not understand the basic needs of these agendas.
* Why do we now need to know the details fo the candidates elected in 2004?
It might be useful only if they are recontesting the elections. What if the then elected candidate is not contesting election this time?
What if the then candidate was a criminal but has now totally changed or a vice versa case?

* My personal experience says that the information highlighted on web pages are too different from what we actually have. The developmental parameters are set on different levels. Just for example, the wide roads construction was supposed to over long back as per the written on papers, but in reality it never happened. Since last 3 years the roads are under construction. Do not what is wrong, but for last 5-6 days the work has picked up a pace and possibly we will see the ful road constructed very soon. Seems its the charisma of elections. I just wish these elections comes every year or may twice a year.

* What is a point in commenting here over candidates work done. Are the candidates going to read these comments and try following our suggestions? Shouldn't this service be available all round their service tenure where they get a chance to understand. IN last minutes before elections this service keeps no sense.

In totality this web page does not prove to be of any help to me.
But just now, I found out something which actually should be the highlight of the webpage.
If you go to recent news, then you might find a link that actually forwards you to a link which details all the information regarding present candidates. These people doesn't realised to highlight the link, but I will do so. The link is http://myneta.info/
Click on this link and you will get all the information regarding candidates party, his personal assets, his criminal records and many more information.
After checking this link, now I am in dilemma, whether I should vote or not!!!!
The candidate I had in mind (accepted considering the national interest with out knowing candidates background) seem to be a high profile criminal with very low level of literacy.
Now he has only one strong opponent. But no records available about him.
In such a situation should I go for voting?
I will go for voting. But their is another reason.
Our comapny is giving half day off to attend voting. Now if I do not vote, taking half day off will be difficult. I have few other things to take care. SO I will vote to somebody who definitely won't win, and use rest of the time for my personal work.
This is my take. Whats your take?
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