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I recently visited Mumbai. Way to mumbai passes over Thane creek.
It was very early morning when I crossed it and I could not see any thing (at all) on either side of the bridge. I thought it was early morning fog spread over the water.
But I was wrong. While returning in the afternoon, I realized it was not the fog but the pollution that covers whole of Mumbai. Even near Panvel I could see a layer making it difficult to see an object hardly 100 meters away. Fortunately there are hills on the way which cut this deeply polluted Mumbai from a bit less polluted Pune. Just cross these hills and you can enjoy the beautiful nature.

Same Mumbai trip also helped me brake the jinx over Mumbai people's rule following nature. Mumbai people are known for their rule following nature. They follow lane rules, signals, zebra crossings and all such stuff. But today I can say that is not so.
They are no different than we puneities, infact worse.

Now that the election fever is on, a big question that every body has is whether they should vote or not? I feel we should vote. But then the next question is more difficult to answer. Whom should we vote if there is no right candidate?
I heard there are more than 150 criminals who are been given tickets by big parties. If such a criminal is the strongest candidate from your area, then should you vote him?
I heard about one option which gives you right to press button saying “none of the above”.This will disqualify all the candidates from election scenario for next 5 years atleast.
Last time I put my vote, I was searching for such option on the machine, but failed to find.
So I gave my vote to some funny guy, I never heard about. Because I don't wanted to contribute in the victory of the probable winners. But this made me vote to a person I do not know (guess if he would have won and created havoc!!). So, in that perspective, I made a wrong decision.
Earlier days, before machine voting system days, if you put seal in wrong manner then it used to get cancelled. But this error making act has been taken care in voting machines. So, if you vote, it does count 1.
I am still wondering in such a case, I should vote or go for the trip!!!!

Last friday it rained heavily in pune and it was hail storm near my residence.
Guess what?
I wasn't there!!
I missed it once again.
It must be almost 20 years I experienced my last hail storm and since then I keep missing it.
Worst part is every time there is a hail storm, I am hardly at a distance of few kms and that irritates me a lot. I guess it was first time I heard of hail storm in Pune. So I am not sure when will it be again. That leaves me with no other option than to wait for the any such possiblity.
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