Tuesday, April 3, 2018

IPL 2018

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Indian Premier league is back with the latest version 11 in 2018. This version, I believe would be different bringing new refreshing look. This is not because of any rule changes in the game play, but because of a significant change in every teams composition. Though, I was expecting an overall makeover, but these teams find out a way to retain some key players with themselves. Anyway, if not full at least 80% of the team composition is changed and we will get to some new equations being formed.
I have mentioned earlier too, that I prefer IPL like formats over the "between countries" matches. The country wise matches bring with them concepts like pride, honor, country before self etc. Its not that I don't have such feelings. But in present context, where these games are mainly governed by media and companies sponsoring the event, all these feelings are basically used to exploit people and make them watch the game with all the emotions. The concept where sports used to be the means of bring different countries together is far gone and it is all governed by the money making marketing strategies.
On the other side, events like IPL doesn't erupt such emotions. Though, in earlier days, people used to go berserk to support a particular team, but now the viewers have also matured. They watch the games only with the intent of a mere sports. They have a liking for a particular player, but mostly, it is not to the extent of going mad for them.
Besides, it has so many advantages. It has helped India create a  pool of talented players who are ready to play in any high tension situation. It has removed the restrictions of money flow to certain players only and  instead made many a players financially stable, who otherwise probably would not get chance to play for the country.

I am really looking forward for this event to begin. Details of the plan are available at

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