Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Common wealth games, 2018 @ Gold Coast, Australia

Commonwealth Games are starting today at Gold Coast, Australia today.
This event is getting pretty silent treatment in India at least.  Hardly anybody is aware of it, forget talking about it. If I am not wrong, after Olympics and Asian games, this is the third biggest event with many countries participating in various range of games over a period of roughly 2 weeks.
India has sent a big group of nearly 327 sports-persons, who would participate across different games. But there is hardly any word shared across media about them.
Very recently, we started hearing about these games. But not because of the sports or the players, but because of other issues. Like, how Saina and Sindhu's parents are not allowed to live with them, or probably event objected to travel with them. Most recently, we were caught in an embarrassing situation, when syringe needles were found near our players living place. Initially we denied owning them, then our doctor changed the stance saying it was used for giving Vitamin B to a player. This issue jeopardized our participation in boxing matches. Fortunately, all the players have been cleared of doping charges and the doctor (Indian) received a written intimation about following rules properly.
There is also news that the matches for the boxing and badminton teams are rather easy and we can surely expect some medals in these games. Also, Mery Com who is participating in Common wealth for the first time, has to win only one match to grab a medal.
All in all, there is surety of some good performance from the team. I will be looking forward to some events from athletics. Our women's 400 X 4 relay team apparently may perform good. So, I will be looking forward to it. Similarly, the shooting team has raised some hopes.
Apart from that, I hardly have any information about the preparation of our players, their scheduled performances and all. I guess there is a need to put some focus on such events, so that these other games will also get highlighted apart from Cricket.
Lets hope, our all the players do awesome, and all we hear about them are accolades and no bad news of doping and other ridiculous stuff.
Good Luck India

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