Monday, March 20, 2017

Juhu Beach - Panoramic view and more

Ka Jo
Many a times, we forget, that sea is an integral part of Mumbai. There is so much going within the city, that we act oblivious to the presence of such a huge waterbody, just next to us. Last week, we decided to have a rendezvous with it at the Juhu beach. Our first meeting was in the evening. Planned a Sunset timing. But, this is Mumbai. A route, barely of 45 minutes run including regular traffic, ended up extended to double the time. By the time we arrived at the venue, the Sun had reached another country. What we had not realized before planning was the improper selection of the day for the meet. It was Sunday evening. I guess, it is a crime to visit public places like Gateway of India or any of the beaches in Mumbai, on a Sunday evening. You can easily find more than thousands of heads enjoying in the very same place. During out visit too, it was low tide and the Arabian sea had shrunk in by atleast 300 meters. Even this extra place created was completely occupied by visitors, pheriwalas, photographers and all. So, our meeting got cut short, after fulfilling the minimal formality of eating Bhel.
Once we returned and shared our experience with few people around, we were informed that the best time to visit this beach is morning. Luckily, this Sunday, we had a guest at home. And we thought to try out the new timing for the meeting. Being early Sunday, experienced minimal traffic. Car parking is possible just at the junction of the road and the beach. And, the population density drastically reduced as compared to earlier experience. That too, the public around were all enthusiasts  of exercise, except a few, who plan to play cricket on the beach with tennis ball and hit it all around, as if they are no less than Dhoni.
Anyway, this experience was much better than previous one. Got a chance to take a free walk on the beach, in the water too a bit. Had direct access to Vitamin D generator. In addition, got an opportunity to play a game of identifying the plane belonging to different airlines, just, by judging the visible logos on plane, flying at very low heights over the beach. It sure makes a good game, as here, you find one new flight at every 4-5 minutes time interval.

I could not resist, clicking some snaps of the early morning, little less populated Juhu beach. Sharing a few it with you here. The one at the top is a  panoramic view of the whole beach, including me as a shadow.

Ka Jo / Author & Editor

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