Monday, March 6, 2017

Decommissioning INS Viraat today !

Ka Jo

INS Viraat, which served Indian Navy for a long period of 30 years, will be decommissioned by the end of the day in a special ceremony. This giant ship, British built, way back in 1959, earlier served in Royal Navy, under the name HMS Hermes. After serving for long 27 years, it was decommissioned there and India bought it in 1987. Since then, it became an integral part of Indian Navy with a new name INS Viraat. After serving  for a total long period of 57 years, it is finally retiring. Now, probably it will be made use as Hotels, or museum, or some way to keep itself alive. I guess, it still possibly has some more time to go the way of INS Vikrant, when it will be totally dismantled. INS Vikrant once dismantled, has not been converted in to many small Vikrants, now cruising not on water, but on roads, as Baja V ( V for Vikrant)

Unfortunately, we don't get to hear many stories of the heroics of such giants ships during the wars. Not much is written about INS Viraat except that it provided protection to the country during many tense situations. Probably with time these stories will be revealed. Just like, how a recently released movie "The Gazi attack" is actually associated with INS Vikrant. The aim of Gazi attack was the destruction of INS Vikrant. But Indian Navy, learnt about it in advance, and played tactics to trap Gazi submarine near Vishakhapattanam. Taking advantage of conditions in there, with the help of INS Rajput and INS Akshay,  a successful plot was made to destroy Gazi. The movie shown apparently drift far away from reality except for the fact that Gazi started its journey to destroy INS Vikrant, but Indian Navy destroyed it. A beautiful article giving details of all the strategy is published in Maharashtra Times. ( Unfortunately, it will be understood to only Marathi readers.).

So, lets salute this really huge or in real words Viraat Ship that served India for a long period of 30 years and kept our coasts clear of any dangerous situations. I am hoping to hear some real good and inspiring stories about INS Viraat in coming days. You should too.

Ka Jo / Author & Editor

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