Wednesday, November 25, 2015

You too ! Aamir Khan

Ka Jo
Every day, a celebrity appears in news, all because of the statements, they give in public.Most recent inclusion in the list is of the perfectionist, Aamir Khan. He made a statement on behalf of his wife, Kiran, who apparently is worried for the safety of his child. She is scared of even opening newspaper, wondering what new news might hit her. Now, I ended up  wondering about few things.
Every body is asking, whether Aamir asked Kiran, which country she want to shift to?
I, on the other hand, wanted to ask, what was his response to her worry. Did he agree with her views? Whether he discussed with her about probable country worth shifting? or did he try to convince her that her worry is not true picture of India, and India is the best place on earth to live?

What I heard and read doesn't include any statement about his views. What does he believe? Whether he wish to answer the critics or not is different, but he should speak out about his own point of view regarding the issue. ( I am expecting his clarification, only because he has made a controversial statement, and that too with the gun on some one else's shoulder.)

Second thing which arise is, where all did Kiran go to experience intolerance. Can she highlight few incidences which can explain her growing worry. I do not believe, she has any personal experience in this regard. There must be only one source for her to gain information - media.  If one puts on TV and check any news channel, now a days, only one thing is being discussed - Intolerance and how it is growing in last 7-8 months. If a person keeps listening such discussion every now and then, his mind starts getting saturated with that topic and his perception will start changing. Possibly, Kiran fell pray to this stunt and created her own impression that intolerance in India is increasing. One thing for sure is, in a city like Mumbai, you can not really feel intolerance. People here, just have not time for that.
So, this has to be an impression inherited by Kiran and transferred to Aamir, all from media.

The media is the biggest culprit here. They are painting a picture, which probably doesn't exist. Or may be there are few incidences here and there ( which used to happen earlier too),  but by connecting them through some weak link and making a big story out of it, media is just trying to mint money. Check any talk show, and the participants are just blabbering with real stuff discussed. Rather than finding solution on such issues, media is trying to ignite it more and more.
The end result is, people like who otherwise literary ignore such unnecessary chaos, also at some point of the time, gets involved. Just the way, I am writing this post. If the media is not controlled in time, it will end up igniting this issue to such an extent, that unknowingly and unnecessarily it will lead to polarization making this society unstable.
Freedom of speech is a must and necessary, but it doesn't mean freedom of being irresponsible. Today's media is behaving irresponsibly and only for their personal interest. They some how are managing to get even celebrities involved in this stunt.

I urge every body to act responsibly. Do not give statements which leads to controversy and misunderstanding.
Finally, being scared of situation and believing in media hype might happen to any body, but to think of leaving country as a solution to it is simply not acceptable.

Ka Jo / Author & Editor

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