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I wrote earlier about Ashadhi Ekadashi. Today's post is kind of prequel to that.
As mentioned in there, two processions carrying the foot prints of two saints begin from two different villages Dehu and Alandi, the places connected to two saints Sant Dnyaneshwar and Sant Tukaram to reach PandharPur on Ashadhi Ekadashi. 
Now this is a very long route of around 150 kms to cover on feet. To add to that its rainy season when rain is pouring almost 24 hrs of the day. It is tiring and for some it might turn irritating. In such a situation, there are few ways by which people participating in the processions can be cheered and help to keep their moral high. One of these is called "Ringan". Now, I am not an expert to write on this, but what I have learnt from my elders about it and from writings I came across, this "Ringan" is a symbolic run of what Sant Tukaram did when he saw the temple of Lord Vitthala for the first time. He lost his senses and started running crazy towards the temple. This little game organized every year during the procession gives an opportunity to all those who wish to experience that feeling by participating in this run. Men, Women, Old, Young any body can run. There is also a way one participates in the run. Women participating are carrying either a Tulsi plant pot or a vessel full of water on their head, while Men are carrying a flag in their hand. Then there are people who run with their musical instruments in their hands and finally a horse. Interesting thing is it doesn't require any police security to keep the arrangements under control. Its surprising how such a huge mob is controlled. More about it you can read on this page:
If you wish to know the vastness of this procession, have a look at these photos I found on and

And here is a video which pretty much covers a major part of Gol Ringan which took place at "Indapur". The run begins in this video somewhere around 2 min. 50 secs.

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