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India at Olympics 2012- Day 13

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Well not a lot was expected from India on Day 13. Only three participants, with not many hopes.

Sahana Kumari, the only representation of India in high jump could mark the height of 1.8 meters. But she failed to touch her performance best of 1.92 meters. It was a bit disappointing. Had she even touched her best performance she would not have made it to finals because cut off was at 1.93 mts and there were lot of participants who touched that point.

But at least she manged to get a right jump unlike our triple jumper yesterday.
India has to go a long way to be in top three.

Another event was wrestling where Geeta Phogat, again a lone contender from India lost her match to her Canadian opponent. I watched the match and I was convinced that Geeta gave a good fight. Both the players won one set with one point each. In the third and final set, the Canadian opponent first got a chance to score. After few seconds Geeta also employed almost the same trick ( as I understand with my limited knowledge in wrestling) but the points obtained by two players were different. While the Canadian got 3 points Geeta got only 1.

I don't know what she did wrong, but she lost the match by 2 points overall.
She was not disappointing.

Although later on as I hear, she failed in repacage round and this time miserably to give away any chance of medal.

The third participation was in 800 mts running semifinals, Tintu Luka. Although she performed well by her own standards, reaching closer to her best performance, that was not enough. While she finished 6th or 7th with her close to best performance of 1.59 minutes, the qualifiers were in the time zone of 1. 57 to 1.58  minutes.
One thing which even I can point out is her running style. She moves her head so much left and right on every step, which surely is not helping in increasing her speed. She is loosing lot of energy in this unnecessary exercise. If you check all other runners, their head are still while running. I wonder if P.T.Usha, her coach did not realized this or they have some other theory behind this moving head.

Starting tomorrow, India's last piece of hopes in winning medals  in Men's Free style wrestling begins. There are 4 strong men with one Bronze winner Sushil Kumar. India has big expectations from 2 out of 4, Sushil Kumar in 66kg category and Yogeshwar Dutt in 60 kg category.

Sushil Kumar has mentioned that he will change the color of his medal. That will be great surely, but even if he retains his medal that is also fine rather than returning empty handed.
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