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India at Olympics 2012- Day 12

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                      Day 12 must be the most heart breaking one for India. Two major contenders of medal lost their bouts.
                      India's Mary Kom who had already fixed at least a medal for India, was fighting for the position in final. It was a tough match, but at the same time, Mary has defeated her opponent earlier. So, she also had a chance to win the bout. But unfortunately that didn't happened. She finally lost to the boxer from Great Britain. All Indians must have felt a bit disappointed. I personally found it more difficult to accept than the loss of Vijender Singh the previous day. I totally wanted Mary to make it to Finals. She must have fought well but guess the opponent was too good for her to beat.
                      The other disappointment that really did not go well with me was the loss of Devendro in the end of the day. Devendro really has a spark but somehow his opponent from Ireland was able to score points. I really don't understand how it works in Boxing, but except in 2nd round Devendro was better than his opponent. The 2nd round was not good for Devendro. But I kept wondering what exactly did his opponent did in the 2nd round to score 10 points.
                       It is overall disheartening to see all our 7 quality boxers fail to get medal and the sole medal comes from a woman boxer. But I must say, the referee and the judges did pathetic job and if not all at least half of our boxers would have made it to medal level.
                       A little relieving news come from athletics where Tintu Luka qualified for the semi finals of women's 800 meters race. He did run well and managed just in time to overtake the third runner who other wise was one of the favorites in her heat.
                       That's a good news but I guess not for long, because semifinal is tough. She will standing against few who are looking to challenge the world record of 1.53 minutes while her personal best is in the range of 1.59 minutes.
                       Time will tell how long is her journey.
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