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Euro 2012

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The football fever is on. This post is a bit late , but never mind. It took me some time to write the post because I was working on which team should I follow.
Now I have a German friend to who I should show some rivelery, I was choosing all the teams playing against Germany. First I chose Portugal which lost to Germany. But I must say, Portugal-Germany was one of the interesting matches to watch. It was so fast and going equally till Gomez scored a goal for Germany.
Once Germany entered quarter final, it was time for me to support Greece. And what a match that was. 4-2 in favor of Germany. I have never seen any team attacking so consistently. With in First half Germany had attacked Greece's goal some 23 times and were successful to convert one of these into a goal.
But the real fun started in the second half when out of nothing, just two players of Greece went on to make a goal. I was excited with a feeling that possibly today, Greece will make everybody surprise and I will get a chance to trouble my German friend. But this excitement existed for only 6 minutes when Germany scored 2nd goal and then 3rd and then 4th and kept no chance for Greece to catch up.

After following these matches, now I have no option but to accept that my favorite team in this season is Germany. I am really impressed by their game and hope that they finally win Euro cup. Out of all the teams playing in this tournament, Germany is way ahead and more entertaining than any other team. My second favorite is Portugal. Both the teams have an opportunity to make it to Final where they can once again clash against each other.
I found the games of Italy and Spain very boring. Its like nothing is happening on the ground. They make very attempts and try to convert them into goal. And they are fortunate to convert one of these into goal. After which they do nothing, except passing ball from one player to another.

My previous experience with  Football hasn't ben very good. I had not seen a single live field goal happening. All the matches I had seen before either ended in 0-0 goal score or they were decided  by  Penalty strokes, which I believe is a ridiculous way to decide the fate of a match.

But Germany changed that impression. This time I witnessed many field goals;

So, I am hoping for Germany to win the trophy.

P.S: Though this does not change my view that football is normally a boring and nasty and a dangerous and riot oriented (even this time there were racial attacks and unnecesary fan beatings)  game and should be avoided in all the circumstances
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