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Euro 2012: Finals

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I am disappointed. Of all the Euro cup matches I followed, I found only Germany's team playing aggressive. I enjoyed watching their matches. And so, I came to conclusion that it has to be Germany winning Euro title.
 But one thing I overlooked was although they have very good attacking, their defence is poor. Infact, at many instance it happened that Germany don't have a single player to defend the attacks of the other team. That's the reason why only two of Greece's players managed to score a fantastic goal against Germany in quarter finals.

I had earlier watched Italy-England quarter final and I was convinced that Italy is no match to Germany. But considering the weaker defence of Germany in addition to exceptional game of Mario Balotelli, Italy managed to defeat Germany in Semi final.

It was kind of surprising for me. I am still trying to accept this unexpected result. On digging up deep, I came to know, this was not surprising for regulars. In Past, Germany has lost as many as 7 matches in crucial events like Euro Cup and in return has never won a single match against Italy. So, for regular Football match viewers this was not surprising but for people like me who rarely catch football fever, it was shocking.
Now that Germany is out of the contest, I do not have any team to support. Both the finalists, Spain and Italy play very defensive game as I understood in last many days and watching their matches was more of pain rather than fun. So I am not going to watch the final and just wish that Euro cup winner is not decided by penalty shoot out
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