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The Rise of the Planet of the Apes

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The Rise of the Planet of the Apes is one of those movies which received cold treatment from me initially but then made it so large that it has made me wait desperately for the release of its sequel. I always pictured the "Planet of the apes" series as one where humans replaced by apes are struggling for their life and freedom. The theme never attracted me because its difficult to believe that apes can overpower humans. Atleast the history doesn't suggest that way. According to my belief, the earth was earlier ruled by Dinosaurs, presently by humans and for future there are two options. -Either Humans will detriorate this earth to such an extent that nature will have to click the refresh button like bringing Ice age back, thereby taking away powers from humans, giving to others or -the Artificial Intelligence that can take it over, a concept that made roots stronger with Matrix trilogy. In any case, unlike Dinosaurs, this time humans themselves will be responsible for their decline. In the first case scenario, the next creature to be in power could be anything, may be existing one or a total new evolution. In second case, humans make AI strong enough that they will overpower humans. Other than these I had no other possibilities in mind untill I saw "The rise of the planet of the apes".The logic behind the uprising of the apes made total sense to me. It fits the equation perfectly. Humans could be responsible for the uprising of apes. With such an option, not just apes but any creature can overpower humans. The movie just give a glimpse of what can happen in future. The movie is worth watching for the performance of Andy Serkis (one who played Gollum in LOTR) who played Caeser here, the leading ape.
It is also worth to watch the movie for the impressive special effects that diminishes the lines between reality and effects.And if it interests some, there is Freida Pinto (one from slumdog millionaire) in the movie. She has moulded herself very well to fit in the small piece of performance. Finally, I leave it to everybody's imagination: Nature itself destroyed first rulers Dinosaurs, the one with the all the physical power. Humans, the second one with mind power, will be responsible for their own destruction. The next generation of ruler will both be strong with physical and mind power. So, what will be the cause of their destruction?
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