Je suis Apprendre le Français- sequel

      Some thing interesting is happening. Last time I took a French test conducted by my friends. The question paper then was all about the things they taught me during coffee time. Well, if you check, I did well then. But it was a test conducted by friends. It was no official. Finally, I had a chance to officially attempt a French language test. It was organized by my institute to check the knowledge of different French language enthusiasts and to allot them classes of different level. It included many things:
* multiple choice questions * choose the odd one out
* make use the noun, verb
* listen audio and answer
* read passages and answer
* write story and letter
       It was a difficult task for me to write letter and the story on the given topics. I tried but ended up writing some 3 lines. A disaster to say.So, actually I attempted 80 marks paper and I scored 43 out of it. Well, not bad. As a result I qualified for the second level A2. Which is quite motivating. So, today my classes are beginning and will keep you updated with the proceedings and developments. Wish me luck!!
Je suis Apprendre le Français- sequel Je suis Apprendre le Français- sequel Reviewed by Ka Jo on September 26, 2011 Rating: 5
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