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Sinhagadh Expedition!!!!

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Taking advantage of 3 days holiday, we made a plan to climb Sinhagadh fort located very near to Pune. 3 out 5 were the first timers for trekking, so it was decided that we climb on first day and then rest and repair ourselves in next 2 days.
We started from home at 6 o'clock except for one who joined us later midway climbing Sinhagadh.
After an hours journey on bike, we reached the base of Sinhagadh.
Being early morning and an amazing atmosphere, we first decided to warm us up with Poha and Tea.
The members included all belong to different states and so having Poha and Chai in this atmosphere was a memorable event for most.
Among all the forts in Maharashtra, I guess Sinhagadh is the fort that has been developed inview to facilitate the trekkers. Initial roads are broad ones made by putting stones. This ofcourse later on becomes normal and more close to nature, but still show signs on some work done on roads.
In between there are small huts where that provide refreshing NimbuPani and Taak ( butter milk).
Although Sinhgadh is otherwise an easy task for trekkers, our journey uphill was rather slow. First time trekkers and halts at regular intervals to click photographs of nature and not to forget our own in different poses made it very slow.
We took almost 1.15 hrs to complete 60% of uphill journey, when our late running member met us.
All overjoyed member decided to take a break and wished to refresh with Nimbu Paani.
After 2 hrs 15 minutes we finally reached the gates of Sinhagadh.
Normally the trekkers like to take a break when they reach the gates of any fort. We could not enjoy that because of very small shadow present there.
So, after a brief halt, we decided to take a round around the fort. Starting with Wind point, Tanaji's Samadhi, Bal Gangadhar Tilak's Bunglow and alsothe Dev Take, the water source.
Inspite of so much hard work done, all the members were because of variety of food available on the top. Every body enjoyed the famous Kanda Bhaji and Zunka-Bhakar to the maximum.
After some rest, the downhill journey started. This journey was relatively simple and we managed to get back to base with in one hour.
Over all the the first experience of trekking was good was for the all the members.
And I was saved from their wrath for taking them to a hard working expedition.
Some snaps of our Sinhagadh expedition:

Right: Are you sure, we have to climb this hill?
Middle: Confused, as always, I guess so. Anyway, I will do what everybody do!!!
Left: Oh God, Why did I come here. God help me!!!

You can find Nature and Science living together here.

Some closer look at nature.

Curtain of water dripping naturally

Team Sinhagadh that finally made it to the top.
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