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Creature called Snake!!!

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Well its an old story now.
But I happen to come across this photo today, so putting a note on it.
Few days back, one early morning, yes, I do see rising sun, I was in our parking and one uncle in our society brought my attention to one of the corners.
I could not understand what he is pointing at.
I had to go very close to the spot when I realized something is moving in there.
I spotted a snake lying there.
It was idle.
Its size was very small.
Doubt it was a grown one.
But since I was moving out somewhere urgently, I could not get much of the details.
Days past then and the story was forgotten.
One fine morning, I spotted the same creature lying at the same place in same position as left earlier. This time I was relatively and so decided to spend some time for it.
I went upstairs quickly and brought my camera.
Clicked some snaps.
Unfortunately his position was very awkward from a photographers point of view.
Tried telling please take a better pose so that I can click you properly.
But it was in no mood to listen.
Reason you can figure out form its figure.
A swollen belly explained all the story.
Soon few others joined me and we tried discussing its background.
With no expert around wondered if it is a poisonous one.
Also thought to call some snake friend group, since this is its second appearence in our vicinity.
But then, nothing happened and was again forgotten till date when it reappeared and this time directly on my desktop!!!!
This time I am taking a strong action and directly its picture on net.
If anybody knows this personally or carry any information, kindly let me know.
Although it is missing at the moment but nowonder if reappears again on the earth!!
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