Monday, February 26, 2018

Sridevi - Khwabon ki Shahjadi!!

The week has begun on a very sad and shocking note. Can you believe it?
Sridevi is no more.That's really unimaginable.
Some of her movie have played a big role in grooming my childhood. I remember watching her song from Nagina on chitrahar. I must be hardly 8-10 years back then. But she made me believe that such thing as woman and snake in one, exist. While I went to my uncle's place and movies were brought in to see on VCR, I fought with everyone to watch this movie, because everyone else had seen the movie already except me. 

This song, I supported Sridevi like anything and I wanted to beat Amrishpuri personally for trying to use her to get Naagmani. I was living the movie.

Then, came the other movie, Mr. India. Her role as the reporter, tenant, Charlie Chaplin, Hawa Hawai, every thing I enjoyed to the fullest. Though, it was all Anil Kapoor's movie, but I totally felt that Sridevi's character played a major role.  I was young enough to not understand the song Kate nahi katate back then. Was just wondering, why she is dancing in rain, dark and moving like this ? Except that, she was the best.
I liked her movies more than that of Madhuri's. Though her movies with Jitandra were little difficult to watch for me (because of him). Her movie Chalbaaz, I found more entertaining than the original Sita aur Gita.
Her Bollywood career is more closely associated with my childhood and those are the things which you miss the most. She was the best and she will ever live in my memories as a legendary actress.

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