Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Paper Dosa, a Mumbai speciality !

Ka Jo

Dosa is a dish, which almost every one in India must be aware of. It comes in all different forms and types. Every type and form have their own fanclubs. One of the form of the dosa, which I come across to know, only after coming to Mumbai is Paper Dosa.
It is one huge form of dosa, which literally covers the distance from one end of table to another end. And believe me, if you have ordered one, all the eyes in the sitting room of the hotel will turn towards you for at least couple of minutes.
Now it looks awesome to see such a huge dosa arriving at your table. One gets excited to have it. But I guess, some rules should be followed to eat this  dish. As far as possible, order only paper dosa on one table. Many reasons for this condition. First of all, it occupies major space of table. So, if more than one dosa is ordered, it will be too difficult to  accommodate all the dosas on the table.
Secondly, being such a big dosa, it is difficult to finish it by individual. It also need to be finished before it gets cold. Once cold, there is no fun in eating it. Also, it will create havoc in your mouth by pinning your soft tissues with pointed ends.
It will not fill your stomach too, if you just order sada paper dosa.
So, just order it to as a beginner and as a group activity.

Ka Jo / Author & Editor

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