Tuesday, February 14, 2017

School Prayer

Ka Jo
Recently, I visited my school after a gap of almost 24 years. It so happened that for a work related reason, I had to visit Bhopal for a couple of days. Now, I spent my childhood in Bhopal. All the schooling done there. Bhopal being my father's karmbhoomi only, we shifted from the place once he retired. It was way back in 1993. After that, I never got chance to visit the place. So, once this opportunity arrived, I made plans to revisit all the places, which now exist only in my memories. Back then, digital memory making was not common like today. So, we pretty much have all the memories in our minds. I took a chance to visit my school. 
Luckily, I reached just in time for the prayer to begin. Now, I don't remember what prayer we used to sing and how we used to sing. Being a part of prayer singing is different. If it is hot weather and you have to stand under the Sun, you want to get over this prayer quickly. But if it is cold, you want to linger around little longer to stand under the Sun. For few, it used to be the time to initiate new pranks, but for some, it was a time to really offer a prayer from the heart. This time, when I attended the prayer, I was not a student, but just a listener.
I was really surprised, that such a big crowd, when sing the prayer in chorus, it really sounds beautiful. In fact, I could distinctly make out even the slight variations in the tune, which make it melodious. I couldn't resist from recording the complete prayer, and now I am not able to resist to share the same with you.
This is one of the best experiences of listening Vande Matram. Very beautifully rendition. Of course, you can see, some kids having fun during the prayer time, but just look a little deeper and few kids with eyes closed and singing prayer with complete concentration would also be observed. I really commend such a big task done by the teachers in bringing all the kids of this big crowd to get in sync.
Really,it is true, those were the best days of our life.

Ka Jo / Author & Editor

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