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 One big sports event is about to begin in less than 48 hrs. Yes, we all are eagerly waiting for the Olympics 2016 to watch some sports other than Cricket or for that matter, Football. Olympics and Asian games have always  been a part of inspiration for us as kids to take up non-familier games and enjoy the excitement and thrill of those games. Out of such events only, I took up the game of Badminton and  practised hard to play at higher level. 
This time, the host for the games is Rio de Jenerio, Brazil, where all the sportsmen will gather and try their metal. This place has always been, kind of intriguing for me. My first encounter with this country was in connection of a song. Way back, when English was still a difficult to understand, kind of language for us, there was one song, we were very well verse with. It was "Brazil". The song has only one word in it "Brazil", and rest of it was all music. That is how, we came across this amazing country named "Brazil".
Somewhere down the line, we heard about Brazil Carnival, that we tried knowing from all possible sources available.
But, the best connection of this country came in the form of Football World Cups, where starting with  Pele, we went on becoming fan of all the players including Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, coming from this soil.
With this event of Olympics, taking place at Rio, we are inching more closer to this country from South America.
But, even before going to the venue, lots of issues cropped up in our teams. Mostly the issues related to Doping. This issue with Narsinh Yadav doping case, has really brought up the dirty political background, which our players have to get through, to make a mark and win laurels for the country. It is a very sad state. Some players apparently are struggling to get financial assistance, even though they have qualified for their respective competitions. Probably, such things are part and parcel of sports events.
Though, the inauguration of the event is still awaited, few pre-qualifying rounds of matches have already started. To be specific, Women's football matches are going on. No event involving India as such are going on as yet. As the event will begin in 2 days, our players will have chance to make their dream come true. If you want to follow Olympics  you can probably check this page:

Just to end, if you have ever given ear to the music during the prize ceremony in Olympics, there is one music piece, which always get to hear. It is one of the most awesome, soothing sound, you might have ever heard. I am talking about the music piece of "Chariots of Fire". This music piece is a part of the movie by the same name, which again is based on the real life events of a couple of sthletes who represented Great Britain in 1924 Olympics held in Paris.
The movie is also fantastic and the music piece by the famous "Vangelis", is still one of the most heard music piece in the world. It makes sense to keep it as a back ground music during the prize ceremony, because of its close association with the games.
If you wish to hear it, follow this link:

Infact, I request you to hear it at least once. I bet, you won't be able to stop listening it again and again. You can also download the audio file from the link.

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