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This advertisement reminded of initial days of IPL when some interesting ads would start making round making people's neck turn, wait for a minute and watch an advertisement. Even a funny take on the game would make it a hit. Looks like, just as IPL became a big hit, this league of our Desi sport Kabaddi has started gaining popularity. That is the reason why such an ad could be created.

This latest advertisement for Prokabaddi league made me wait and watch it. Initially I did not understand what is happening and appeared some thing just funny. But when it was connected to Prokabbadi league towards the end, it got fixed in mind that Prokabaddhi league is starting soon. I feel this is the best way to reach to people and make them realize about a event. Had the ad been presented in any other fashion, I probably would not have paid any attention. But this is a good development and it will help attracting more people to watch the game.
I enjoyed this ad a lot and that's why sharing with you all.

Watch it at this link:

incase the embedded video is not working.

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