Monday, October 27, 2014

Movies - disappointing day by day

Ka Jo
There was a time when a bunch of people preferentially chose to watch Hollywood movies over Bollywood movies. I belong to that bunch. The main reasons for such a preference included good story, better presentation, no songs! and short time (almost half of any Bollywood movie). Most of the Hollywood movies I watched back then used to grip me to the seat right from the beginning till the end. I came across first part of Lord of the Rings and it made me voraciously read that huge book of almost 1200 pages with font 8, just because I could not wait long for the second part of the movie to know the story. Movies like Gladiator, Brave Heart, still have a great impression on my mind. Jurassic Park really opened a new chapter of imagination for us. Movies like Day after Tomorrow introduced to the concept of probable extinction of human race. And who can forget the series of Harry Potter movies who took every body right from a small kid to a Grand father for a joy ride.
When I used to once in a while watch a Bollywood movie, my time was spent looking at the watch. Except for a few movies like Tare Zameen Par or 3 idiots, watching a hindi movie is most of the time a torture. I enjoyed watching Chak De movie though. It was so good to watch a sports based movie in Hindi which was a rare case till then. Fortunately there weren't too many songs (specifically some romantic song) to unnecessarily stretch the movie. But then " Bhag Milkha Bhag" was little disappointing, though, Farhan Akhtar has taken some real efforts to get in the character. At the same time, I wonder how few movies cross 100 crore mark so easily when it is not even worthy of even 1 crore. Recently released movie "Happy New Year" has crossed  100 crore mark in just 3 days. I wonder if that movie is so good. All such movies ride on publicity stunts.
In between, few Marathi movies also started making a mark. People started talking about these marathi movies. So, I also took a dip in this ocean. But, I am mostly disappointed. Recently, a movie named "Duniya dari" became a big hit among Marathi movie fans. Even financially, it was very successful. It crossed  28 crores scale as I had heard reports. So, when it was released on TV, I decided to watch this movie. I am yet to understand what clicked in this movie. I found it really difficult to continue watching it after 45 minutes ( with first 45 minutes spent in some hope of good story further).
So, with such reasons, I was reduced to watch only Hollywood movies for my entertainment. I was fascinated by Iron man series. First part was just awesome. The way it built up was fantastic. Its second part was also interesting, but by the time third part arrived, the series lost the touch. Same thing happened with Trasnformer series. First and second part were mind blowing but then it kind of lost the plot. By the time fourth part arrived, I guess the main character changed and it suddenly become alien. Same way, I was disappointed with the Bourne Series. I thing first three parts of the movie are the most fast pace movies I have ever seen. But, the fourth part took another turn, changing story a bit, the main character and it lost its touch. 
I was so looking forward to the new Godzilla version. For some reasons, I could not watch that movie when released. yesterday, I happened to watch it and felt good, not spending money on it. Are you kidding? 2 mutant creatures trying to reproduce and Godzilla comes to save us by killing them in a fierce fight! What kind of story is this.
I liked Thor, to some extent. And hoping that second part won't be a disappointment. I have the movie with me, but, wondering, should I spend my time watching it!
Avengers was a series which did not attract my attention at all. I think, the movie arrived when we were too much saturated with the super heroes and so, it could not make an impact, though, it is one of the most watched movies.
I liked Avatar and I heard they are bringing the next part. I hope it is not true.
I liked Spiderman with Toby Mcguire. Believe all the movies in the series. But then, they converted it into Amazing Spiderman with new hero and it lost all.
One movie that amazed me was "Planet of the apes". Its second part is released. I haven't watched it, but I am looking forward to get a copy of it and watch how the movie progressed.
Overall, I have realized that over the time, even the Hollywood movies have become predictable. Either, the movies do not have very high standards, or we have matured enough to not just get impressed by any thing that comes in front of us. We have started finding mistakes in those movies. We have started pointing out " How can they miss this? ". We have started wondering " Isn't it that obvious!". If this is a case with Hollywood movies which surely keep much high standards compared to our Hindi or Marathi movies, there is not surprise when we find it difficult to get through a Hindi or Marathi.
I just hope, we don't see a day when movies become totally insignificant

Ka Jo / Author & Editor

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