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How many times has it happened that you watch an advertisement and it touches your heart. And while that happens, the advertisement actually shows different features of the product. This is a rare case scenario. Recently, I came across such an ad and interesting fact is I have seen this ad only once on TV. 
This is an advertisement for Google. I have never before seen any advertisement by Google. So, this was the first ever experience of witnessing their advertisement skills. And, sure they know how to do it in the best way.
A theme based on friendship and a story of two friends separated many years back. How Google plays an important role in bringing them together is the basis of all the story.
Everything about this advertisement is amazing. Actors have made the character alive. Back ground music smoothly fits in your mind and all different roles google play role during the ad, are experienced by all of us at some point of the time.
I wonder why this advertisement is so rarely shown. For me, this is one of the best advertisements I remember seeing in recent times.
Do take a look here and share your views.
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