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Kejriwal's AAP: A mystery story

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Arvind Kejriwal: A name that rose to height in the shortest known time. Till two years back, he was just known as the right hand of Anna Hajare. Over the time, he started making his own image as he split away from Hajare.
He had started creating ripples in Delhi zone. But still most of us had no idea what he is going to achieve in just a period of few months.
And then assembly election took place that changed the whole equation of politics in India. A brand new party named AAP came into picture. It not only showed ground to the leading party Congress but also inhibited BJP from forming government. It showed all of us that there is another and clean way of winning elections by mere winning confidence of people. Things were all going right for Kejriwal and company.
But then Congress offered to give support to this party to form government and things started going down side there on. While some still believed that AAP's intention are clean, others started questioning their stand of joining hands those who they fought against.
Anyway, Government was formed, ministers were nominated and Kejriwal took 2 big decision related to water and electricity issue in Delhi. All this with in few hours of becoming Chief Minister. Some appreciated it and many condemned. Some ministers took their job seriously and started taking tough steps to improvise the situation. But few others took wrong signals from Kejriwal's victory over Shiela Dikshit and started making noise. One of their leaders directly challenged  Rahul Gandhi and Rajnath Singh/ Narendra Modi to fight elections against him and that too from Amethi. He is becoming the face of AAP for making atrocious comments.
In the mean time another minister raided some residential areas of foreign nationals creating troubles for AAP. We do not know what all actually happened and who should be believed, but some how a picture is getting painted that AAP is not able to manage the success they got.
What made it more difficult to digest is the way in which Kejriwal joined in the agitation to  suspend some policemen. Probably he is right in demanding that, but somehow picture seems to be getting fuzzy with every new day coming.
The worst part that AAP has decided to do which most of the "Aam Aadmi" is not able to understand is the way they are trying to make it large by participating in as many as possible Lok Sabha seats. Most of us expected them to work in Delhi and show every body how things can be done in better fashion and give a good governance. But instead they are trying to make their party bigger by going nationwide.
Lots of things are happening in too small time. It has started appearing that this success of AAP might end up being a short stint that might extinguish very soon. Time has all the answer and all we can do is wait and watch and probably take a right decision of we get a chance to contribute.
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