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Long back I speculated about movie "Chennai Express", a new released movie back then.
You might be wondering why I am writing this review now. Its too late to write a review about a movie which has already been telecast on TV. Actually, I was thinking to watch this movie when it was released, but then, as always I missed watching it. I heard about the movie a lot. It went on to earn more than 200 crore money. Plus, it is funny movie with actually no great story. Recently, I heard it will be airing on some channel on October 20. I was looking forward to that day and just one day before, our TV gave up. Which again postponed  the plan  indefinitely. But somehow I got a copy of the movie and finally watched it on my Laptop.
Now, about the movie. I actually enjoyed it for most part of it. Except for initial introduction, love songs, final fight sequence between Shahrukh Khan and Thangabali, movie is enjoyable and mostly funny. All said and done, Shahrukh Khan knows the knack of entertaining audience. He has good sense of timing and quotient for humor. The new train catching version of DDLJ really makes one laugh to the heart. Communication through singing was another good part. Deepika Padukone also surprisingly performed well and the combination worked well to entertain the viewer. I am not sure if the movie is worth 200 crore rupees, but it surely compels one to watch it again.One more thing, I want to point out is the scenic beauty shown during the train journey. It reminded me of shots from Harry Potter's first movie. I hope it is all natural and not photoshopped.  
So, to all  people who still haven't watched this movie yet ( as I hadn't watched it till recently), do watch it. It is entertaining for most part of it.
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