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Airtel ad: Jo tera hai vo mera hai

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Two new ads have started airing on TV recently for Airtel mobile internet.
They are about three friends sharing an apartment.
After watching these ads I started thinking, seriously, what is the problem with these people.
Cut the long story short, take home message of first ad is "you can access internet on mobile".
At least, that's how it reached the audience like me. What is new that you are trying to tell out of this ad?
I started using internet on mobile way back in 2004 and that too with Airtel connection.
I am wondering if Airtel forgot this and just realized that they should share this news now after 8-9 years with its users.
Is this ad trying to provide you any other information?
Like internet is cheaper with Airtel compared to other providers! At the end of the ad, it mentions in small letters, that you get 1 GB  for a week in Rs. 28. Well that's not cheap. I know a provider which provides 1GB for Rs. 49 with 1 month validity.
Is the ad trying to tell whether this internet is 3G, fast, good coverage? At least I did not get this information from the ad.
And the theme of the ad also does not go in sync with the background song of "Jo tera hai vo mera hai".
Few days after airing first ad, second ad appeared which I guess was even worse. This ad has a party going on with music played using internet. Why on earth, would somebody use mobile internet for playing music in a party at home? Funny thing is party stops suddenly with an sms received mentioning only 2-3 minutes of internet left. For me, internet just stops.
More funny is the take home message. "You can recharge your internet online". Its not a new news. I guess this is also a age old facility already being provided many others.
Worst part is these ads are all over the television and to make things more irritating,they show this ad twice repeating at one time.
I am praying that no new ad in the series appear. Moreover, the song "Jo tera hai vo mera hai" which actually had caught attention of people and is a much better one than "Honey Bunny" song by another provider is loosing  out because of these ads.
Hopefully Airtel would come up some new ideas and attract the audience again.
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